The Moscow band PuzzleWood – is a successful example of expressive musical independence. The band members claim that they play for “their own,” and very rarely give concerts to overcrowded audiences. They disappear from the public’s eye when they need to, and turn up whenever they please with a big concert tour. They alternate between underground pubs, “Aleksey Kozlov’s Club,” provincial performances, and major festivals of the country. In general, they exist not outside the musical industry, but in spite of it.

Taking the name of the mysterious English forest, that inspired John R. R. Tolkien and Ursula Le Guin, PuzzleWood lives up to its name. The group plays meditative post-progressive in the traditions of King Crimson and Pink Floyd, drifting between the psychedelic and electronic. And the English lyrics, written by Anton Legatov, can’t be called anything but poetry – personal, suspenseful, crammed with references and quotes to world literature. The group is composed of Anton Legatov, Nikita Lipatov, and Eugene Semonov.

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